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Tuesday, July 23, 2019


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Everything Zodiac!

Birthstone jewelry is incredibly popular when looking for unique ways to express one’s birth month. But did you know there are unique zodiac gemstones too?

Each zodiac sign is paired with a complementary gemstone to help reveal its wearers’ hidden powers.   
These zodiac sign gemstones may be the same or different than the birthstones by the month that you may be more accustomed to seeing.

Why not try something new and invest in jewelry that is unique to your zodiac sign?

Zodiac gemstones will help you align your body and mind and bring you peace and harmony, while showing off you own personal sense of style!

Aries - Bloodstone
Taurus - Sapphire 
Gemini - Agate 
Cancer - Emerald 
Leo - Onyx 
 Virgo - Carnelian
Libra - Chrysolite 
Scorpio - Beryl 
Sagittarius - Topaz 
Capricorn - Ruby
Aquarius - Garnet 
Pisces - Amethyst 

 You will find our handmade Zodiac Birthstones in a Bottle, as well as standard by the month Birthstones in a Bottle in our Etsy Store.  We also produce simple etched Zodiac sign charms and pendants for custom order.  All our stones are guaranteed to be authentic, natural and ethically sourced.  Recycled metals are used in all our pieces.