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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Winter is Just Around the Corner and the Holidays are Here!

2015-2016 Winter Fashion



Some of our fall colors will be sticking around this winter!

We will be adding the silvery grays and charcoals as well as moving into the pastels as spring approaches.  

So what to do about jewelry for those bold beautiful colors?

Bold jewelry of course.  Big swingy pieces, that hang midway between breasts and waist are perfect compliments to the bold brazen designs in the fabrics.  Bright gold toned and copper or black jewelry, as well as colorful beaded jewelry will stand out against these patterns.

Moving on to the grays, tone it down with some simpler contemporary pieces in bright silvers and blacks with small gold accents.  Pieces can be long and swingy or shorter to accent necklines like in the picture on the top right of a model with a deep v neck dress.  For a sophisticated look, stick to clean classic lines or textured pieces with patina to enhance the design.  Also textured chains in silver and gold work well with these colors.

And for those of us in south, our favorite fleur de lis patterns are finally very trendy!  So boast those fleur de lis necklaces, bracelets and rings!

Patterns abound in gold, silver, taupe, black, charcoal, soft blue.   The perfect time to add that simple necklace in gold or silver or bi-metal.

Pantone color trends autumn winter 2015 forecast:
Pinterest Picks for Holiday 2015-2016
The Holiday Season will be predominated by bright colors, specifically Red and Green.  Go all out and wear sparkly jewelry to match, or brightly colored beaded designs.  

Happy Shopping and Making.  Don't forget to check out our Etsy stores for your favorite jewelry!
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Thursday, October 8, 2015

It's Fall Ya'll

In the deep south we look forward to what we refer to as "fall", which is actually 75 to 85 degree weather rather that the 90 to 110 degree weather of late summer.  You'll even see people sporting their fall fashion attire right after Labor Day in order to try and rush the cooler weather.  

So here we are, ready to make our fall color predictions and talk about all things jewelry!

Pantone's fall colors are absolutely beautiful and make us feel renewed.  Take a look at these gorgeous colors and try to buy or design your jewelry to compliment them:

Copper and bronze jewelry work well with Oak Buff, Cadmium Orange, Marsala, Dried Herb.
Silver and Gold are great with Cashmere Rose, Marsala, Amethyst, Biscay Bay, Stormy Weather, Reflecting Pond and Desert Sage.

For beaded pieces, take a look at your color wheel and try to find complimentary colors to highlight your clothing.

Think out of the box and use a mix of two light and one dark color from the above shades to make a piece that will work well with any of the colors.

Trending jewelry styles are varied, and range from very simple tiny pendants and bar necklaces to flashy bold colored jewelry.   Sun, moon, and stars themes abound, and you will still see a lot of chevron themes and tribal jewelry.  Take advantage of these trends and make your jewelry uniquely yours.

Happy Jewelry Making or Buying!  Check out my Etsy Store for Great Fall Designs!

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summertime Motivation

Summer is my favorite time of the year.  I love the heat, the sun, the beach and outdoor living and activities.  It is hard to stay motivated to work during the summer, when I can loll by the pool, play at the beach with the kids or take a road trip with my favorite traveling companion, my hubby.

Perhaps you have the same problem, so here are some tips to keep you on track with home projects, jewelry making, or other important tasks that cannot wait:

1) Get out a calendar and list all your appointments for doctors, out of town trips, or social activities.
2)Make a list of your projects, whether work or personal on individual pieces of paper, such as post it notes or torn strips of paper.
3) Prioritize your list:  For example, take the first two items  and compare them, determining which one is most important.  Place the priority item in pile A, and the least important is pile B.  Then take the item placed in pile A and compare it to the next item from your original slips.  Determine the priority and place it in pile A, and the other in pile B.   Repeat this until you have gone through all the original slips.  You should have one item in pile A at this point. and the remainder in Pile B.  Compare that item to the remaining items in pile B, just as you did before.  You should then have your priority item in pile A.  Put the other items aside and concentrate on the priority item.
4)Determine the amount of time you need to complete the project chosen.
5)Determine how much time per week you wish to spend on projects. This should be a reasonable amount of days to complete all the projects you have listed.
6)Look at your calendar and schedule the time you need to complete that project.  If it requires more than one day, then schedule consecutive days to complete it if possible.  If not, choose the first available days.
7)Try not to schedule yourself for every day of the week.  You need a break and if you are scheduling too much of your time, you cannot be spontaneous or enjoy your summer!  You will subsequently fail to follow through.
8)Treat your schedule as if it is a regular job, with regular hours and do not deviate unless there is an emergency or higher priority item that comes up.  (This does not include going to the pool, the beach, getting your hair and nails done, or going to the bar).  Just sayin.........
9)Once you have completed the first project, treat yourself!  Take that beach day, ride your bike, or whatever makes you happy.
10)Now, back to work....Grab those items you put in pile B and repeat the process described in item 3 through 9.

You should keep in mind that you must schedule your projects for the number of days per week you have chosen in item 5 in order to complete all the projects on time.

I use this technique for my jewelry making project schedule and it keeps me on track.  Summer is a slow jewelry selling season so it makes sense to make my jewelry during these slow months so I'm not pressed during my prime season to get new inventory made, and I don't get behind on custom orders and repairs.

Hope you are having a great summer!  Don't forget to stop by M&F Casuals for a visit!