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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thank You to Our Customers

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.” -Gandhi

This philosophy governs all our actions at Analece and Bayside Beads.  We want to thank our customers for your continued support as we approach our 10th year in business in Alabama.  We wish you all a Joyful and Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year!  If you have the time, please stop by and say hello. 

Anita, Alece, Karen and Shaley

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Selecting Timeless Jewelry Gifts for Holiday Giving

As the owner of a retail jewelry store I am asked frequently by customers, “Is there a memorable jewelry item I can give my loved one that will not become dated and out of style?”

My advice is to look for something that is trendy but classic at the same time. For example, pearls are always in style and timeless. A great way to update the look, while not going for a fad fashion design is to select a freshwater pearl with an unusual shape, such as coin pearl, cornflake pearl or biwa pearl or the newer shell pearl which mimics a Tahitian or South Sea pearl, for lower cost. You may also select a colored pearl in one of these shapes as opposed to classic white, mixed with crystal or metal. Long pearl strands have been worn since the 1920’s flapper age. A long 36 to 45 inch strand can be wrapped multiple times for a great multi-strand look, wrapped and twisted to make a torsaud or worn full length with a removable pendant attached. It can be mixed with layers of chain for a more casual look. Look for a pearl necklace with a “statement” clasp. A clasp of this type can be worn in the back, front or on the side of the necklace for versatility. Many designers are using vintage pins and clasps for closures which add character to their pieces.

When selecting fine jewelry, look for a well constructed piece. Whether the piece is made of sterling silver, gold, platinum or one of the newer trending metals such as palladium, argentium silver, stainless steel, tungsten, titanium, or ceramic, the quality and durability of the piece is determined by it’s construction. Check for securely set stones, smoothly finished sturdy metal and well-cut gemstones. These pieces will stand the test of time and when cleaned regularly they will still look new after several years of wear. Don’t compromise on the quality of the construction to get a design you like. Ask if a piece can be made in a less costly material with higher quality construction, rather than settling for a poor quality piece with a higher metal cost. There are many new metals options that will help you conserve cost and not compromise on quality. Ask about a new sterling alternative, Continuum, silver with palladium alloy developed by Stuller that has the look of silver white metal, with the strength of gold. It can be set with diamonds and does not tarnish.

Buy jewelry from a reputable business that has been around for a few years, preferably with a bench jeweler on site who can make adjustments in size and design when necessary. If you can find a store with a jeweler who hand fabricates in artisan style and makes fine jewelry, or who can customize jewelry designs, you will be one step ahead. These businesses make a point of making jewelry that is one-of-a-kind, and many times can make a custom piece just for you, at a cost that is not much more than a piece selected from out of a case. This jewelry is guaranteed to be unique and will most likely be something that can be worn for a lifetime, and handed down to the next generation. Beware of items advertised on the internet and verify the return policy of the store before purchasing in the event the quality is not what you expect. Many internet sites are selling mass produced items with lower price points and quality. If you must purchase on the internet, try to find a website for a store that you have dealt with in person, and where you have had the opportunity to verify the quality of their products. Many brick and mortar shops now have websites so if you find a shop you like, ask if they have a website and search their site before shopping elsewhere.

Remember the old adage “you get what you pay for”, and if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t settle for poor quality when you can find good quality at a fair price with minimal effort!

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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Cornflake Pearl

Biwa Pearl

Coin Pearl

Necklace Lengths

Opera length

Follow this link to Shop at Analece Design for Your Holiday Gifts!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Have Fun Do Good End Alzheimer's

Analece Design will be hosting our annual customer appreciation event on August 24, 2012 at 6:30 pm in our store.  This year we have decided to change it up a little and we will have a LIVE AUCTION of various store products, to include costume jewelry, artisan and fine jewelry, beads, findings, gemstones, minerals, photography, services and various items donated by fellow merchants. Lots of wonderful deals will be on the block!   Proceeds from this auction will go to benefit Alzheimer's Organization.  My mom and Alece's grandmother was stricken with Alzheimer's and suffered for 8 years before succumbing to the disease.  Her illness was devastating to our family.  Daily we hear from our customers and friends that someone they know and love has this disease.  In fact, it is the sixth largest cause of death in the United States.  Won't you help us?  Go to to donate or attend our auction, get a good deal on beautiful jewelry and other product and help a good cause!  Or, you can join our team, Analece Fine Jewelry, and Walk to End Alzheimer's on September 8, 2012 in Pensacola, Florida.  Our team goal is to raise $2,250!  Sign up to join our team now by contacting us directly at 251-929-3620 or go online to the Alzheimer's site mentioned and join our team as a physical or virtual walker!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Peyote Primer Group Class

Join our group class on July 19, 2012 at 10:30 am and learn to do basic even count peyote stitch!  This is the class you have been waiting for!  Peyote is one of the principal techniques used to make beautiful and unusual seed bead jewelry, sculpture and more!  We'll start our Peyote series with this basic even count peyote stitch by making a beautiful bracelet.  Class is limited to 6 students so hurry and register.  Don't be left out.  We will continue this series with variations of Peyote so its helpful to get in on the first class!  Fee is $35 and includes materials.  Taught by Anita Park-Rosenbaum

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Check Out Our New Website!

Our new website is up!  Please go to,, or to see our new website!   Your comments about the new site are welcome and needed.  Order from our new site now through July 31, 2012 and get 10% off your entire purchase.  Plus, spend over $99.95 and get free shipping!  Use coupon code NEWWEB at checkout and get your 10% discount on all products. Plus, if you purchase beads you will automatically receive points for the Busy Beader Program.  If you have any problems with check out, coupon codes or general use of the website, just email us at or call us at 251-929-3620.  Thanks for your support and happy shopping!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Crystal Clay Class, Thurs, June 21, 10:30 AM

Hurry and join our June group class!  We'll be using the fabulous new Crystal Clay, an epoxy clay material.  Participants will go home with a beautiful Pendant and lots of great ideas.  The class is only $20 per student plus materials, limit 6 students.  Jumpstart your summer designs with focal pieces made with this brand new product!


We are working hard to get our new fabulous website up as soon as possible.  If by chance you try to go to our website via or and get an error message, don't dispair!  We have to switch our web hosting to a new provider so our site will probably be down two to three days.  But when its up and running it should be a much better way for our customers to shop.

We have also added to our links.  This is a great catalog of blogs, so check it out!
Blog Catalog

Friday, May 18, 2012

Seed Beads Galore!

Now available in the shop and online is our newest seed bead collection!

15/0 Round Miyuki
4mm Magatama
4x7 Long Magatama
4mm Cube
Twin Beads
Tila Beads
Peanut Beads
8/0 Czech Rounds
6/0 Czech Rounds
11/0 Czech Rounds

Order today online and use our coupon code WEBSALE04 for 10% off through June 15, 2012!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

We have added a TON of new bead inventory on our website! Go to the catagory beads and check the drop down box. We have an amazing new selection of pearls, abalone, amazonite, amethyst and more! As always we are offering free shipping and for a limited time, enter the coupon code WEBSALE04 at check-out to receive an extra 10% discount!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project Idea: Chakra Balancing Gemstone Necklace

Activate your life force energy, amplify your focus, and revitalize your life! The changing patterns in this vibrant, colorful, and versatile necklace are rejuvenating and stress relieving. Designed to correspond to the body's subtle energy centers — also known as chakras — this easy to construct necklace is composed of Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine, Peridot, Turquoise, Iolite, and Amethyst. Casual enough for everyday wear, this necklace can also be worn as a wraparound bracelet.

In Eastern philosophy, such as yoga, it is believed that we transmit and receive physical, emotional, and spiritual energy through our chakras. In our modern and fast-paced world, it is easy to become unbalanced as we struggle to juggle daily responsibilities, leading to low energy and sluggishness. Using the energy of stones, especially those that correspond to the chakras, we can help balance the subtle energies that govern our bodies. This is helpful because when we are in balance, and our bodies are in a harmonious state with all faculties working together, we have more energy and are generally happier.


To create a 16" choker:

You may use larger stones if you prefer a chunkier look.

 Lay 2" of the Red Garnet beads at center, then 1" of each of the following on both sides, in this order: Carnelian (Orange), Citrine (Yellow), Peridot (Light Green), Turquoise (Blue), Iolite (Indigo) and Amethyst (Violet-Purple). Thread beads onto beading wire and finish off with crimp beads and your clasp.

This order will place the colors from the first chakra to the seventh.

Chakra Stones

Following are the attributes of each stone and the corresponding chakra:

Amethyst represents the crown chakra and calms the mind, aids insomnia, enhances memory, increases focus, eases headaches, and reduces stress.

Iolite represents the brow chakra and is a vision stone that activates intuition, insight, and inner knowing.

Turquoise represents the throat chakra, enhances communication skills, and removes inhibitions. Turquoise is also a stone for purification of body and spirit and enhances the immune system.

Peridot represents the heart chakra and helps alleviate anger and stress. Peridot also opens and cleanses the heart of stagnant emotions and helps let go of the past.

Citrine represents the navel chakra, and raises self-esteem. Citrine also promotes abundance, self-confidence, and joy in life.

Carnelian represents the sacral chakra and restores vitality and motivation. Carnelian also stimulates the metabolism and inspires creativity.

Garnet represents the lowest root chakra, and inspires love and devotion. Garnet also balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony.

This project is compliments of our friends at Mama's Minerals in Albuquerque, NM.


Bayside Beads Website Update!

We have been rapidly adding new bead inventory to our website!  For all of our customers who have been patiently waiting to order our wonderful beads online, now you have the opportunity!  We have categorized our beads by type of material to make it easy for you and our photos are very good and true to color.  Included are our natural stone beads and our current line of Czech Seed Beads 11/0, 8/0, and 6/0, tube beads and magatamas.  Soon to be added will be Tila and Miyuki 15/0 seed beads.   We have large hole pearls and a complete selection of freshwater pearl.  Also added is a tools and supply section  featuring Vintaj patinas, Chaton Crystals, Epoxy Clay, Glass Pendants and components.  When you have a moment browze our site, or place your order and share your comments (good or bad).  We will be adding new jewelry items soon and plan to include findings and more tools and other new products.  Summer classes are being scheduled and will appear here on our calendar.  Our classes will feature our new bead lines and Vintaj and Epoxy Clay products.   Thanks again for your support!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

St Petersburg Necklace Class

Learn to make this necklace in your own favorite colors in one two hour class!  Come with a friend or by yourself and join our group class (max 6 students) on May 10, 2012 at 10:30 am.  Taught by Anita Rosenbaum, this class is only $35.00 including all materials.  We provide tools for use during class!  Call us at 251-929-3620 to reserve your space, but hurry, these classes fill very fast!  Beginners Welcome!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You Are a VIP at Analece!

  Join our VIP Club for Free!  Get credit for each purchase over $25.00 in first year (spend $250 total)
and you become a VIP!  It'll be worth it we promise!  Ask about our VIP program when in the store,
send us a comment or give us a call.  You don't have to be a local customer to join. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brick Stitch Bracelet Class

Note:  Date Changed for this class to  Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 1-3 pm. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Brick Stitch Bracelet Class

Springtime is just around the corner and we are starting our group classes again!  First up on the calendar is the Brick Stitch Bracelet using cube beads and magatamas.  This class is appropriate for beginners to advanced beaders.
This class is scheduled for Tuesday, March 27, 2012 from 1 pm - 3pm.  Class fee is $35.00 per student
and includes all materials.   Contact us at 251-929-3620, or stop into the shop to sign up for this fun
class!  Max 6 students.
Gold price is $1777.50 today. Need extra money? Have a special jewelry project you have wanted to design? I pay full gold weight credit towards a new project or pay top dollar if you want to sell your gold. Stop in to Analece Design and Bayside Beads today and make money while you shop!! Our hours are Monday - Saturday, 10-5.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pantone Fashion Color Report, Spring 2012

We are back after a long holiday season, having babies, travelling and more!  Hopefully, this color guide will get your creative juices flowing for spring jewelry and accessories.  We have lots of new product, with more being produced daily.  Stop in or shop our website!

For spring 2012 designers are inspired by diverse influences, showcasing a range of styles and lifestyles, from free and playful and light and breezy, to contemporary classics. Colors likewise reflect these differing moods, encapsulating vivid brights, soft muted tones and fun-loving pastels.

"Consumers look to spring for renewed energy, optimism and the promise of a brighter day," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. "They have learned how color can help them alter a mood and provide the vitality and enthusiasm that enables them to experiment with new looks and color combinations."

Provocative Tangerine Tango, an enticing juicy orange, is a vivacious and appealing refresher to enliven anyone's outlook this spring. Providing a jolt of energy, Solar Power radiates warmth and cheer.

Fanciful Bellflower, a distinct ornamental purple, exudes uniqueness and creativity. Scintillating and sexy, Cabaret is a sensual and intense rosy-red — an excellent choice for summer clothing and cosmetics.

Sodalite Blue, a classic maritime hue, brings order and calmness to mind.  Like an anchor to a ship, this dependable shade works with every color in the palette.

Cockatoo, a tactile blue-green, is sure to make your spirits soar. This unusual hue adds a whimsical touch to the palette and will surely make a statement this spring.

Margarita, a piquant yellow-green, lifts spirits with its refreshing and stimulating glow. Reminiscent of a blossoming garden on an early spring morning, fragrant Sweet Lilac evokes the fresh scents of summer. This delicate pinkish lilac adds a touch of romance to any wardrobe.

Natural versatile neutrals add practicality to this season's brights. Driftwood, an adaptable blend of beige and gray with a slightly weathered feel, and Starfish, a perfect warm summer neutral, complement all colors featured in this season's top 10.

For an ultra-bold vibrant look this spring, try mixing Bellflower with Tangerine Tango and Cabaret. Combine Margarita with Sweet Lilac and Cockatoo for a subtle alternative, or combine Margarita with Sweet Lilac and Driftwood for a more practical variation. Solar Power is best juxtaposed with Sodalite Blue. For a safer
bet, add a natural neutral like Starfish to the mix.

Happy Spring!