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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project of the week 2/22

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Weekly Special! (February 22- March 1)

Purchase one of our amazing gemstones and we will give you 30% off your setting fee if you schedule your project this week! We have Aquamarine, Peridot, Garnet, Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, Zircon, Diamond, Rutile Quartz, Lemontina, and more in faceted stones! We also have a brand new line of handcut gemstone cabochons with some amazing crazy lace agate, petrified wood, geodes and more! Come check out the new inventory and have a special project done this week!

For our metalsmiths, this week only we are offering 15% off of any of our handcut stones if you spend $100 or more.
For all of our beaders, take 10% off any regularly priced beads in the store (special excludes any trunk show beads or clearance table beads)

Classes at Bayside Beads!

As many of you know, we offer a wide variety of classes at Bayside Beads. The following is our current class list. Please plan on booking your class at least three weeks in advance as we fill up pretty fast. Most classes are private so that you will get one on one instruction from the instructor. We also off group specials if you want to bring a group of students in to participate.

Basic Beading:
Make a necklace and pair of earrings using sterling silver, gemstones, czech crystal and more. Learn all the basics about beading, crimping, stringing, clasping, tool use and design
$40.00 - 1 hour class - includes materials

Basic Wire:
Hammer wire to make beading components. Learn how to attach head pins to make earrings and charms. Introduction to handmade clasps and connections. Learn to shape and forge metal for handmade earrings and more. Tool instruction included.
$50.00 - 1 hour class - includes materials

PMC-Precious Metal Clay:
In this beginner class students will learn the skills necessary to work and design with precious metal clay. Students will make a specific earrings and pendant project. No prior experience needed.
$90.00 - 2 hour class - includes materials.

We also offer several additional private classes based on your more advanced needs. Each class is taylored to your experience level and educational needs. Classes include design, pearl knotting, leather work and more. Class pricing starts at $40.00 and hour and always includes materials.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

We want to thank our customers for a very wonderful Mardis Gras and Valentine's Day this year! We are very thankful for your continued patronage and hope to make beautiful jewelry for you for years to come! It was great seeing so many woman at the different Mardis Gras Balls wearing our custom designed jewelry with thier gowns. We are constantly reminded of how great this community is and how wonderful our customers are to shop local and remain loyal. Thank you again! Happy almost spring...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Out of Tucson - New Jewelry Trends for Spring 2010!

The Tucson Gem Show ends today!  Lots of new things on the market and new trends in jewelry and fashion have been indicated, and we are here to share them with you.  First of all, BIG is in.  Big beads, big pendants and a lot of added bling.  We are seeing large cocktail rings, large crystals, lots of sequins and anything that sparkles!  Bold colors, and color combinations are hot, as well as ethnic designs.    Diamonds in every color are still very popular and the new styles feature them in bezel and channel settings.  Also beautiful freeform hand cut natural stones, including jaspers, turquoise, agate, and fossils such as turtle shell, ammonites and botroydial chalcedony and agates.  

The fashion color forcast for the spring includes violet, yellow, turquoise, coral, deep orangy red, beige, champagne pink, light sage, and other natural herb colors, as well as blue green.   Women are more price conscious, choosing to purchase accessories that can be paired with existing clothing to create a new look.  Pairing bright bold jewelry with neutral colors spices up your look while maintaining a sense of practicality.  As the warm weather approaches, you will see more turquoise, amazonite, new jade, azurite, and recycled glass in blues and greens, apatite, aquamarine, larimar, and blue topaz which mimic the colors of water and sunkissed beaches.  Another favorite will be yellows and yellow green, seen in prehnite, recycled yellow glass, lemon citrine, lemon chrysoprase, light green moss agate, rainforest jasper, Siberian jade, peridot and crystal.    These colors add a bold infusion to the summer palette.  Violet will continue to be a romantic color addition for spring, and will be seen paired with yellow, green and pale blue, as well as champagne pink to enhance and liven up a neutral wardrobe.  Firey warmer hues like orangey corals paired with tomato red colors found in dyed jades and corals, as well as agates will be beautiful bold additions to spice up spring and summer clothing.  Combine these colors with turquoise for that retro look.  Neutral clothing colors for spring include warm beige, light sage green, and classic grey.  Combined with accessories, shoes and jewelry in brighter colors, a new classic style will emerge.  Pink champagne, the newest neutral can be paired with tomato red and orange, as well as the bright new dyed jades, available in a variety of colors.   

Classic pearls will continue to be popular, however, large freshwater shell pearls, in sync with the current trend for big and bold, will often be seen paired with crystals and natural stone for a current look. 

When it comes to pendants, the trend toward big and bold continues.  Multiple stones, mixtures of cabochon and faceted stones, fossils mixed with pearls and faceted stones will be the norm.  Added to strands of large bold beads, or displayed on sturdy leather necklaces, they will add a very dramatic statement to your wardrobe.

Cuffs are back in style, accented by large cabochons of turquoise, jaspers, agates mixed with faceted stones and diamonds. 

Ethnic jewelry is still popular.  Tibetan jewelry, African trade beads, Thai Silver, and anything indicating antiquity is in.  This is a good time to go through your old beaded jewelry and considering having it updated, by adding crystals, large focal beads etc.

Copper, bronze and antique looks are still popular and work well with ethnic jewelry looks, and the large bold beads and pendants.  

The word is, gold is coming back into style.  While still selling for over $1000 per ounce, gold is still considered a good investment and is still the best choice for setting diamonds, high end colored stones and for fabricating designer investment pieces.    Mixtures of gold and silver are still poplular, as well as new metal mixes of bronze and copper, or copper/bronze with silver. 

Charm bracelets are popular again, bringing back the nostalgia of our youth.  Customers are asking for custom charms, fingerprint charms, and charms that remind them of special events or travels. 

Watch for new arrivals at Analece/Bayside Beads in the upcoming weeks.  We are already receiving shipments of new beads and findings, and we will be offering some fun workshops in the upcoming months for those of you who want to make new jewelry for yourself.  Dig through that old jewelry and bring it to us for a new updated look.  Stop by and see our growing inventory of hand cut stones, and let us design a unique piece just for you.  Our prices will surprise you!  You can get handcut stones for as little as $20.00.  We hand fabricate our jewelry, and we have the best stone selection in Lower Alabama!  Our lapidaries can cut a stone to fit you specifications, and we'll set it just for you!

Valentines Day

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, today is the big day. I hope that you all remembered to get something extra special and sweet for your significant other. Show them how much you appreciate and love them by putting a little extra care and thought into your gift this year. Trust me, they will appreciate the effort. Some will appreciate any effort at all! For those of you who need a last minute gift, send us a message and if I am around town, I will open up and let you in for a little Valentine's shopping! Have a super duper specially gushy and romantically divine day!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fairhope has Snow!

Well, readers, just couldn't let it slip by...SNOW in Fairhope!  Just a little.  Today was a very strange day indeed.  A lot of shops in Fairhope were closed, in anticipation of the inclimate weather.  Schools were closed, government was closed....and, of course, Alece and I, having lived in the Ohio tundra for years, were here all day! We had lots of fun, finishing custom orders and calling people to pick them up, and being told that they would be in to pick up their jewelry in a week after the HORRIBLE weather was gone!  A few brave snowbirds stopped by and even a Florida guy!  Parades are still going strong, in spite of the weather, and it may be a good time to go as crowds are thinner due to the cold weather.  You may get an extra Moon Pie or two.

We are still making and selling that wonderful Mardi Gras Ball jewelry, and Valentines Day is only TWO DAYS away, so hurry in and get something special for your sweetheart!

Men, a few more suggestions about how to know what to buy for that beautiful woman!  Pay attention to the color of her clothing.  Most women tend to wear a lot of the same it down.  Look at her jewelry and see if she wears a particular metal,  gold or silver...and jot it down.   Is she a casual lady or one who enjoys dressing up everyday!  Your right, jot it down.  Is her current jewelry very simple, very gaudy, or somewhere in between?    Go it down.  What kind of job does your special lady have?  Is she a fabulous homemaker, or does she work in a suit every day?  Is she a school teacher or lawyer?   Jot that down too!   Now, bring that list to us, along with some money,  honey.....and we'll tell ya what to buy!   How's that for easy shopping!  We aim to please, and with a Southern Flair! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Men - How to buy jewelry for your special lady

When it comes to the special lady in your life, you want to get her something that says you care about her perhaps even love her. If she is your wife you want something that keeps the sparks of romance flying. If she is your girlfriend you want to express your feelings in a more subtle way without overwhelming her. With so many jewelry choices on the market it is hard to tell which ones will make her happy and which ones will make you look foolish. There are techniques you can use to find out exactly what your best girl wants when it comes to jewelry and you can use these tricks to surprise and delight her.
Before a special holiday arrives like Valentine’s Day or her Birthday, you should make it a point to go shopping with her even if you don’t feel like going, what you will discover about your lady’s tastes and styles will give you some clue about how to buy jewelry for her when those special occasions do come around.

A shopping venture can be very revealing. It can let you know if your girl is a simple plain Jane down to earth soul, or a high maintenance babe. Look at the style of clothing she chooses to wear, if it’s something that has a little flair, she may want some sparkle in her life to go with it. Things like diamond studded necklaces or bracelets are often favorites for those with a higher sense of style. If her style of dress is simple and everyday, you may want to play down the sparkle and get her something earthy and trendy.

If the lady is your wife you want to be a little more elaborate. You’ve hopefully already melted her heart with your engagement rings selection. You have been with her long enough to know her style and taste if you have been married for a few years. On occasions like her birthday and Valentine’s Day, she wants something that says romance and love. You can choose according to her unique style and dress and do make sure that what you buy for her is not cheap but something that costs a pretty good amount.

Take her shopping and casually stop at the jewelry counter and notice what she likes and dislikes, this is another clue to get to know her jewelry style and will make buying a lot simpler. What you choose will send signals that can last a lifetime.

Mardis Gras 2010!

We are in the throws of Mardis Gras!! Here is the schedule of parades for our area for 2010! We have a huge selection of formal Swarovski crystal necklaces, earrings and bracelets in the store. Dress up your beautiful ball gown with a gorgeous piece of jewelry! We will also custom design a piece to match your dress perfectly!

Friday 2/05/2010 @ 6:45PM- Apollo's Mystic Ladies - Daphne
Saturday 2/06/2010 @ 3:00PM - Mystic Mutt's of Revelry - Fairhope
Saturday 2/06/2010 @ 7:00PM - Knight's of Ecor Rouge - Fairhope
Friday 2/12/2010 @ 6:45PM - Mystic Order of Persephone - Daphne
Friday 2/12/2010 @ 7:00PM - Maids of Jubilee - Fairhope
Saturday 2/13/2010 @ 2:00PM - Krewe of Mullet Mates - Point Clear
Saturday 2/13/2010 @ 6:45PM - Mystic Order of Shadow Barrons - Daphne
Sunday 2/14/2010 @ 2:00PM - Loyal Order of the Firetruck - Daphne
Monday 2/15/2010 @ 7:00PM - Order of Mystic Magnolias - Fairhope
Tuesday 2/16/2010 - Fat Tuesday! All day

Happy Mardis Gras! Stay safe and enjoy this fun yearly celebration!