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Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Shipment

We received an exciting new shipment in the store today! We have all new Flexrite stringing cable. We have a mini roll multi pack which is a brand new product made by Beadsmith. We also have a new colored metalic line! We also have a whole new line of craft wire in copper, gold and silver. The spools range from 28 guage to 16 guage and are a minimum of 20 yards of wire for only $5.85! We have all new hemp in every color of the rainbow as well as a natural assortment as well as a great new selection of leather by the yard. We also have new bulk packs of crimps in different metals, new tools, jewelry cleaner and more! Of course as always we have an awesome selection of beads and findings! Have a great weekend and we hope to see you soon!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Gulf Coast Oil Spill Effects

Followers, this is an update regarding the Gulf Coast Oil Spill and its effects on local businesses, and a plea for everyone's support during this trying time.  In Fairhope and along the beaches of South Alabama, we haven't had any oil reach our shores yet.  However, we are already experiencing mass cancellations of reservations at our condominiums, hotels and restaurants, as people anticipate the upcoming oil effect.  This of course, is very bad for Lower Alabama's economy and it particularly affects small businesses like ours.  Before you cancel reservations, think about your alternative.  The likelihood of the oil reaching the upper parts of the Mobile Bay is slim.  We have great beaches here in Fairhope, and a lot of activities for adult travelers and families.  Why not continue to support our economy, and help the area that you love to visit, by staying the course and visiting us despite worries of oil on the coastal beaches? Perhaps you could even volunteer to help with cleanup activities and teach your children about the importance of protecting our environment.  Meanwhile, Analece and Bayside Beads will be open for business as usual.  We will continue to support efforts to minimize the impact in our little community, and hopefully make a difference.