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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Winter is Just Around the Corner and the Holidays are Here!

2015-2016 Winter Fashion



Some of our fall colors will be sticking around this winter!

We will be adding the silvery grays and charcoals as well as moving into the pastels as spring approaches.  

So what to do about jewelry for those bold beautiful colors?

Bold jewelry of course.  Big swingy pieces, that hang midway between breasts and waist are perfect compliments to the bold brazen designs in the fabrics.  Bright gold toned and copper or black jewelry, as well as colorful beaded jewelry will stand out against these patterns.

Moving on to the grays, tone it down with some simpler contemporary pieces in bright silvers and blacks with small gold accents.  Pieces can be long and swingy or shorter to accent necklines like in the picture on the top right of a model with a deep v neck dress.  For a sophisticated look, stick to clean classic lines or textured pieces with patina to enhance the design.  Also textured chains in silver and gold work well with these colors.

And for those of us in south, our favorite fleur de lis patterns are finally very trendy!  So boast those fleur de lis necklaces, bracelets and rings!

Patterns abound in gold, silver, taupe, black, charcoal, soft blue.   The perfect time to add that simple necklace in gold or silver or bi-metal.

Pantone color trends autumn winter 2015 forecast:
Pinterest Picks for Holiday 2015-2016
The Holiday Season will be predominated by bright colors, specifically Red and Green.  Go all out and wear sparkly jewelry to match, or brightly colored beaded designs.  

Happy Shopping and Making.  Don't forget to check out our Etsy stores for your favorite jewelry!
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